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This project is an unofficial client for various "public" HTTP endpoints that are exposed by

These endpoints are not documented anywhere (to the best of my knowledge), but do not require any sort of authentication.

I am in no way affiliated with, and cannot make any guarantees about the underlying HTTP endpoints.

Additionally, I cannot make any guarantees about breaking changes associated with the DraftKings API / endpoints as they are free to version and change their data as they see fit (again, to the best of my knowledge, there is no official API).


This project is published to PyPi.

It can be installed via pip like so

pip install draft-kings


This library requires Python 3.7+


This library has two major versions - 2.x (which is being deprecated), and 3.x (which is being actively developed)


This is an open-source project that welcomes all pull requests and issues - I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas around making this project even better.