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This project is in no way affiliated with (and I hope the fine folks at Basketball Reference do not get too upset at me for creating and maintaining this project).

Please use this project responsibly as Basketball Reference is a very useful resource.


This library was created for another Python project where I was trying to estimate an NBA player's productivity (for, uh, daily fantasy sports "science").

A lot of sports-related APIs are expensive - luckily, Basketball Reference provides a free service which can be scraped and translated into a usable API.


This project is published to PyPi.

It can be installed via pip.

pip install basketball_reference_web_scraper


This library requires Python 3.4+


Currently, only data from seasons after the 1999-2000 season is supported


There are currently two supported major versions - 3+ and 4+.


This is an open-source project that welcomes all pull requests and issues - I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas around making this project even better.

Thanks to @DaiJunyan, @ecallahan5, @Yotamho, and @ntsirakis for their contributions!